SH (shaped series) Trees

Feature laser/rotary engravable polymer leaves inlaid into plaque board with screw attachments. Bronze impregnated sculpted trunks also inlaid. Many options include multi-colored leaves and a wide variety of wood finishes. Sizes from 20 to 400 leaves in one piece. primary uses include tree of life donor recognition, donor trees, memorial recognition, congregation membership, etc.

RT (rectangular) Series

Trees available in sizes of 20 to 400 leaves, in a wide range of wood finishes and leaf choices. Perfect for donor tree recognition, memorials, and more.

TW Series Donor Trees

Designed to grow with your needs. Starting with 3 main sized bases (60,100,and222), expanding is accomplished with the addition of pairs of wings. The wing sets fit the base as well as each other, allowing unlimited growth as wall space allows.

TB Series Donor Recognition Trees

Feature domed tops and currently 4 different cast banners to identify the purpose of tree plaque. If needed, the banner is also avaible blank for your own engraved message. It is available in 50,100,and 150 leaf versions.

Patriotic Recognition